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Want to Host an Outdoor Video Entertainment Event?
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Outdoor Video



About Outdoor Video Entertainment

Do you remember those fun times at the Drive-In Movies when you were younger? Do you like to watch movies and sporting events on the Big Screen? Have you ever wanted to play video games on a larger-than-life screen? 


Your memories and dreams can now come to life through Outdoor Video Entertainment! 


A fast growing segment of the social entertainment industry, Outdoor Video Entertainment is reminiscent of the days when you could pile the family into a car and enjoy a big screen film from the comfort of your own space... Now, thanks to us, you can do the same thing in your own backyard!


Thanks to advances in technology and an innovative scalable screen designed by Thomas Media Solutions, you can now host a multitude of events involving outdoor media from movie nights to video game tournaments and much more on our 200" wide diagonal viewing surface screen (for perspective, what you might normally think of as a big living room TV is typically no larger than about 60"). This can easily provide entertainment for 300+ people with a screen size of over 16 feet!


Not only is this a fun and awesome idea for private events, this is also a great opportunity for restaurants and other venues to utilize this service to diversify their entertainment as well. 



Why Choose Thomas Media Solutions?

​Thomas Media Solutions is THE resource for Outdoor Video Entertainment in the Flagler, Volusia, and St. Johns County areas. We can custom tailor our Outdoor Video Entertainment experience to meet the needs of your event, be it private or public in nature.


We couple our high quality audio technology with equally magnificent looking projector technology to bring you the best viewing experience possible. In addition, we provide skilled audio/video technicians for setup, operation, and teardown... All you have to do is send out the invites and enjoy the show!



Outdoor Media Entertainment Event Ideas

​​Here are some examples of great opportunities to incorporate Outdoor Video Entertainment into your private or public events:

  • Social Night at Apartment or Condo Complex

  • Business & Corporate Events

  • Community Events for Neighborhoods and HOAs

  • City & Town Community Events

  • Parks & Recreation Events

  • Pool Party Movie Night

  • Family & Friends Backyard Movie Night

  • Birthday Party

  • Vacation or Special Event Video & Picture Viewing Party

  • Sporting Events

  • Fundraisers & Charity Events

  • Restaurants - Dinner & A Movie Night

  • And more!



Request an Outdoor Video Entertainment Event Consultation

Requesting a consultation for your event is easy!


Just contact us via our consultation request form and provide us some information about you and your upcoming event:





Looking for other types of Outdoor Entertainment for your event as well?

If you are looking for other outdoor entertainment resources for your event as well, we highly recommend our colleagues at For Any Event, LLC. Their offerings include Bounce Houses, Face Painting, and even a Trackless Train! Please let us know if you are looking to add any of these things to your event and we'll be happy to refer you!

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