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Trivia - Thomas Media Solutions

Trivia Hosting


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About Trivia

Trivia is hands-down one of the fastest growing and most popular sources of fun out there, perfect for both public and private venues and events. You can play with your friends and family on a team or on your own as you compete with others and test your wits to see who can be the King of Trivia! Bring Your Thinker!



Why Choose Thomas Media Solutions?

​Thomas Media Solutions is a great option for meeting your Trivia needs. We have a strong dedication to quality services, and this is represented through our use of high-end equipment, our attention to keeping the audience engaged and having fun, and our focus on customer satisfaction. 

We also stand out in the industry by using a revolutionary Smartphone- Based Trivia System that helps deter people from cheating and offers many more ways to play. Say goodbye to pencil and paper! 


We have the capability for both private and public events including sizeable corporate events.



Trivia Event Ideas

Here are some examples of great opportunities to incorporate Trivia  into your private or public events:

  • Regular Weekly Trivia Competition

  • Tournament Competition

  • Birthday Party

  • Family Reunion

  • Family & Friend Fun Night

  • Charity or Fundraiser

  • Business Promotional Event

  • And More!



Request a Trivia Consultation

Requesting a consultation for your event is easy!


Just contact us via our consultation request form and provide us some information about you and your upcoming event:




Trivia - Thomas Media Solutions
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